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Startups preselection committe meeting
ER2FOOD - Call for application startups - English language
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ER2FOOD Traning Materials English Language

Sustainability assessment – the goals are:

  • To investigate the Sustainability definition
  • To introduce the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
  • To provide an overview of the Energy Auditing methodology

Standards & Regulation- the goals are:

  • Process and value chain components – the goals are:
    • To describe the scenario of R&D in the field of energy and resources efficiency
    • To identify the best available technologies for a typical industrial bakery line
    • To identify who are the key players (machinery suppliers) in the sector
    • To identify the success cases that could be taken as reference by the Egyptian community
  • Business management – the goal is:
    • To provide an overview of strategies to Capture Circular Value for Your Company
  • IPR and Sustainability Mark – the goals are:
    • To describe the available tools used to protect and manage Intellectual Property
    • To specifically describe the potential of a collective mark in the food sector
    • To describe the current sustainability marks and labels used in the food market